It is a truth universally acknowledged,

that a girl in possession of a small fortune must be in want of a weekend home.

Our front door

Our seaside home

After decades on the family farm in Victoria’s west, we sold up and moved to a summer paradise on the Great Ocean Road in southern Australia. We found a gorgeous old stone house to renovate and now run a business from home. Our lives are busier than ever and we still yearn for a place to escape day-to-day life, a weekend home.

It could be one room, certainly not 10. Someplace hot or someplace cold. A condo or a cottage. By a lake or in a village. Definitely child friendly. And an absolute bargain.

So with around USD$100,000 to spend and an ever expanding passion for real estate, we are journeying round the world to find a weekend home.

Join us.


Our closest cafe, where the river meets the sea

Pier view

View to the pier and Ocean Road South


Sunset late February






8 thoughts on “About

  1. You want a weekender? You already life in Paradise! We will be home (Canberra) for Christmas. I miss Oz, but love Vancouver. Yeah, in both places housing is ridiculously expensive. Great blog – you got me reading about all these wonderful little properties all over the world. We’ve been to Sweden many times – Don’s son lives there. It’s gorgeous. Also I know all about the midnight sun having lived in the Yukon for 10 years.
    Thanks for visiting our blog and for the like on the post about Candelaria.
    Cheers, Alison


  2. Hello, wow your quest sounds fascinating!!!! I hope you guys have an interesting journey in your search for the perfect weekend home.
    Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog…..:)


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