A Weekend Home Quiz

Water tower 1

A magnificent – monolith like – tower abode.

There are times when I come across a weekend home so unconventional, so interesting and so challenging I lean back in my chair and can do nothing but marvel at what the world has to offer. To then discover this lovely vision of quirkiness is so close to my budget of USD$100,000, I can barely contain my enthusiasm.

I wonder if you can guess where it is?

This concrete water tower is just the unusual sort of weekend home I’m looking for regardless of its location. Lush surroundings, close to water side picnic spots, low maintenance (concrete tends to be) and undoubtedly a talking point. Even better, the interior belies its grim facade with a light and airy bedroom, functional kitchen, renovated bathroom and stunning solid wood stair case. It’s also absolutely move-in ready.

Guess the location


Water tower 6

Impressive bespoke solid timber staircase provides the internal wow factor

Water tower 5

A room with a view? Oh yes please

Water tower 3

An airy bedroom to take in the crisp, clean  air

Water tower 2

A small but well formed kitchen, perfect for preparing appropriately light meals

Water tower 7

And the view? Lush, watery and exotic. I can almost feel the summer heat permeating the woodland. Could you want for anything more?

Answer the quiz anonymously here or leave me a comment if you’re feeling brave!

(Thanks for playing. The very few Francophiles among you were spot on. It’s located in France)


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