Attention Serial Killers!*

Do I have a weekend home for you!

This distressingly private, five room, naturally rammed earth hole may be just the hideaway you’ve been looking for. It has power, water and remarkably generous dimensions. Altogether impervious and sound-proof, this cave house is also completely unrenovated; humbly begging you to add your elegantly pathological touch.

Conveniently isolated and psychologically gratifying all at once. What more could you ask?

Use your killer instincts to guess the location


Cave 3

Shady and Discreet. A drive though entrance for covert deliveries

Cave 9

Invisible to FBI satellite surveillance with potential for a niche and enticing Airbnb listing

Cave 1.6

Open concept living room or hedonistic crime scene? You decide

Cave 4

Was someone shot here already? Why do the spatters only start halfway up the wall? Is that red blob on the floor a piece of flesh?

Cave 1.7

Where on Earth do you think it is? Could it be in the Atacama Desert or Death Valley, California? Perhaps the Sub Sahara or one of the scary Stans?

Cave 1.4

Star Wars fans may think it’s near Onk Jmel, Tunisia. Lawrence of Arabia aficionados will think it’s Ait Benhaddou, Morocco. Alas it’s neither.

This dug-out house is in the outback Australian “town” of Coober Pedy**.

It really is a house and it really is for sale.

I’ll let you have this one. I hope you make a killing.

*I’m kidding. Sort of.

**Coober Pedy is a 22 hour drive from my home. Paris is a 22 hour flight. (Il n’ya pas de concours) 


12 thoughts on “Attention Serial Killers!*

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  2. This is great! I really loved Coober Pedy when we went there for a week many years ago. But it’s certainly an unusual town filled with some very unique people… I laughed out loud a few times reading your post on this ‘lovely’ home. Blood splatter on the walls indeed!


  3. It seems like it would be impossible to keep the dirt off the floors, but on the plus side it should be easy enough to kick some dirt over the blood stains and nobody would be any the wiser. This is a wonderful find!


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