A World Cup Weekend Home?


In case you didn’t know, the finals are here!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup final – between powerhouses Argentina and Germany – is finally upon us. The forthcoming finale makes me feel quite jolly. I like football, I really do. It’s just that I’m terribly tired of commercial network news programs peppering us with unimaginative images of beautiful, hairless people slinking along Impanema or Copacobana under the guise of ‘reporting live from Brazil’. It’s driving me crazy. (I confess a small part of me wondered if a TV network executive was responsible for the gunshots fired at Copacobana this week so yet more beach scenes could be broadcast.)

Who knew Brazil was only a sandy knoll – populated by bare bottoms – on the Atlantic?

I’ve also been praying furiously to the God of Fashion – Anna Wintour – Brazilian swimwear doesn’t catch on like the torturous Brazillian itself. Actually, if I’m going to be honest, I really was hoping the ‘skort‘ would come back in fashion. Perhaps retro skirted swimsuits. Or at least some frilly frills. More lycra not less please Anna. My thirty something bottom needs at least partial housing; it’s laissez faire rather than derriere extraordinaire.

I’m all for women wearing whatever they like. But really, I just can’t chase a three year old around looking like this.

Brazil Beach Photo Getty

Less of this

Kenneth Cole Swimsuit

More of this! (Elegant frills without the spills)

Yes, I know what most men reading this post are thinking. More of that, less of this!

OK, until you all look like this guy I recommend you be cautious where you toss your stones in your proverbial glasshouses. Though, if you looked like this guy, I’m not sure you’re interested in women’s swimwear at all. You’d likely favour fitness over fashion.



Oh dear God, let me move on.

So anyway, I decided to have a weekend home ‘world cup’ this week and let the football final decide where we look for an abode.

Suffering for my art, I woke up obscenely early on Monday morning to watch Brazil and Germany fight it out live. If you missed it, the first 15 minutes were fairly energetic, then Germany scored a staggering four goals in six minutes. Brazil suffered what we call  “plot loss”. By two thirds of the way through the first half Brazilians in the crowd were crying, some were praying (perhaps to Anna Wintour?).

Stop it. Please.

Stop it. Please.

The suffering continued early Wednesday morning. Argentina and the Netherlands failed to score until a penalty shoot out, after extra time. Possibly the most defensive, cautious and dull game of this World Cup. As I watched, I wished I was sleeping. At some points I may have been.

So let’s start our search for a weekend home in Germany. Brace yourself. Unlike many European countries, the German realty market is strong; knock-your-socks-off expensive.

Exclusive Baden Baden – on the edge of the magnificent Black Forest – is south of Frankfurt and just over the Rhine from France. So overwhelmingly stylish is this town I think if James Bond was into spas, this would be the destination for him. A glamorous casino, baths with Victorian splendor and a mix of summer and snow adventure sports. Although you’d need to head to the Alps for serious skiing, Baden Baden is close to several ski resorts including Baiersbronn (8 lifts, cross country trails and endless James Bond cello-case-tobogganing potential).

The idea of a weekend home in the centre of Western Europe really appeals to me. As well as having the option of sunny summers and white Christmas’. Baden Baden isn’t cheap cheap though. In fact we won’t get anything for our USD$100,000 budget in one of the prettiest towns in Europe. So we’ll search close by.

Baden Baden

Baden Baden is an hour and a half drive south of Frankfurt and four hours east of Paris


Relax, you’re in Baden Baden

Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Dreaming of a white Christmas?

Baden Baden, Weststadt, Germany


Clearly. I’m over budget. But since the interest rates are so reasonable in Europe (thanks Angela Merkel) we may be able to stretch a little. This is the only accommodation I could find near the town for under USD$275,000.

This – ready to update – two bedroom apartment is close to the spa and cuckoo-clock action. And it’s as lovely as a Black Forest Gateau.

Baden 1.1

Sunny Baden Baden Yellow exterior

Baden 1.2

And a sunny Baden Baden Yellow interior

Baden 1.3

The sunny Baden Baden Yellow continues on the terrace

Will I take it? Let’s let the final decide.

We cant forget precioso Argentina. So let’s head south to Mar del Plata. The busy beach paradise is a four hour drive south of Buenos Aires. Once a fishing village, today it is a stylish seaside mega-resort. Before you scoff at the idea, consider there is so much to do in Mar del Plata you’ll never tire of it. Like Baden Baden, it has spas and a casino. But it also has the added benefit of heat, endless beaches and endless family activities. Not to mention Argentinian food. Si por favor!


Mar Del Plata is a four hour drive south of Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires

It's a little popular

It’s main beach can be popular on public holidays and high summer

Colourful fishing boats at the marina

Colourful fishing boats at the marina

Mar del Plata, Argentina


I absolutely adore this two bedroom townhouse in Pompeya Mar del Plata. It’s reasonably new but I think it has an adorable character. I love the kitchen, the floors even the grill. What a lovely retreat from the crowds.

mar del plata 1.1

Oh yes, I could cook up an Argentinian storm on that grill

Mar del Plata 1.2

A few streets from the beach

mar del plata 1.3

A blank canvas

Will I take it? Let’s let the final decide of course.

I think if Germany can be as strong, skilled and structured as its real estate market, they will win. Just.

Deutschland gehen!
(And they did win. Just. Wasn’t it incredible?)


6 thoughts on “A World Cup Weekend Home?

  1. Great post. I’m actually hoping Germany wins. Argentina has played some of the most boring football I have witnessed this World Cup. For the neutrals, Germany scoring first would be best. It would force Argentina to attack. If Argentina scores first, they’ll take a minute to take a throw in, suffer cramps and other injuries immediately after they score, etc.
    And I’d still take the house in Argentina. More chance for you to see men like that on the beach.


    • I’m no football expert but watching Argentina today made me wonder if they were using time wasting tactics to force a penalty shoot out? It’s going to be fascinating to see how the Germans handle their defensiveness. Weirdly, I can’t wait!
      I’m not sure I want to see men like that on the beach! Ew!


      • I love Germany (the country). I would live there in a second if I found a job there. Such a diverse and wonderful place. With great beer.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I laughed all the way through this post. YES! Why is every woman always near nude in Brazil during the World Cup? Must be one of the stipulations FIFA had with Brazil when they got to host. Can’t imagine Qatar in 2022 having quite the same feel…

    Shame Germany won though because I preferred your properties in Brazil. Scantly-clad ladies notwithstanding.


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